FAQs – Masters Students

I noticed I have a staff advisor and a faculty advisor. What’s the difference?

Staff Advisors are here to help you with degree requirements, registration, SPH policies and procedures, and academic goal setting. We recommend you speak with a staff advisor at least once per semester.

Your Faculty Advisor is a faculty member from your department. You should meet with your faculty advisor to discuss long-term academic and career goals. Faculty advisors should be consulted for questions regarding elective choices, fieldwork, and your capstone project.

I’m not sure who my advisors are. How do I find this out?

Students can meet with any staff advisor. You can set up an appointment with a staff advisor here or stop by the Advising Office during the posted drop-in hours.

Faculty advisors are assigned during the first few weeks of a student’s first semester at SPH. If you are a current student and unsure who your faculty advisor is, you should contact advising@sph.cuny.edu.

I’m nervous that I’m not on track to graduate. Who should I speak with?

You should definitely speak with an advisor. Prior to your appointment, we’ll ask that you fill out a Program of Study Worksheet to discuss with your advisor.

How do I register for classes?

Visit the registration page for resources on how to register for classes through CUNY First. If you are still facing difficulties, you should reach out to the SPH Registrar or a staff advisor.

How do I know which classes to register for?

Students should consult the recommended course sequences listed at the links below:

MPH in Community Health Education

MPH in Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences

MPH in Epidemiology & Biostatistics

MPH in Health Policy & Management

MPH in Public Health Nutrition

MPH in Public Health Geographic Information Science

MS in Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences

We also suggest students speak with a staff or faculty advisor before registering for classes; it is especially useful to consult your faculty advisor regarding electives to ensure your selected coursework aligns with your professional goals.

Will all my required courses be offered every semester?

No, unfortunately, not all required courses are offered every semester. You should consult our schedule of required courses when planning your course load.

Is there a limit on the number of credits I can take in a semester?

Yes, we typically recommend students take no more than 12 credits per semester. However, you can take up to 16 credits in the Fall or Spring semesters, up to 4 during the Winter, and up to 10 during the Summer. If you wish to take additional credits, you will need to submit a Credit Overload Request.

Can I transfer credits from another college?

Transfer credit requests need to be approved by the College’s Curriculum Committee (for core courses) or the appropriate Department (for electives). Visit this page to submit a transfer credit request.

I have questions about Fieldwork. Who should I speak with?

Many of your questions are likely addressed in our Fieldwork handbook. However, if you have additional questions, you can reach out to oel@sph.cuny.edu.

I have questions about my Capstone Project. Who should I speak with?

We recommend you first read over our Capstone handbook. You should also consult with your faculty advisor to discuss a project that aligns with your professional goals. If you don’t know who your faculty advisor is, contact advising@sph.cuny.edu.

I seem to be falling behind in class. What can I do to improve my academic standing?

First, we recommend you reach out to your professors. Additionally, the Office of Student Development offers tutoring services in writing and statistics. You may also wish to meet with a staff advisor to discuss study skills and time management techniques.

I’m having trouble with research. How do I navigate the library systems at CUNY SPH?

You should visit our Library Services page for more information on using our library resources. If you need further assistance, you can contact Library@sph.cuny.edu.

My classes are starting soon. Where should I buy my textbooks?

All required and optional textbooks are listed on the SPH Online Bookstore. Simply log in with your CUNY First ID to order textbooks from a personalized list (based on your registered coursework). Additionally, course reserve textbooks are available for on-campus use in the 7th floor study lounge.

Wait, my question wasn’t answered here…

Send us an email at advising@sph.cuny.edu and we’ll put you in touch with the right person!