Policies & Procedures

Register for Classes

Before registering for classes, we recommend you set up an appointment with an advisor to review your academic progress.

You should register for classes through CUNYfirst. Below are some resources that can help:

If you have additional questions regarding registration, please contact the Registrar.

Credit Overload Request

The maximum enrollment during the Fall and Spring semesters is 16 credits each, 4 credits during the Winter term, and 10 credits during the Summer term. Exceptions to the maximum term enrollment must be approved by the School.

If you wish to enroll for additional credits, please submit a Credit Overload Request.

Transfer Credits

If you have taken courses at a different institution and would like to apply the credits toward your SPH degree, you should fill out a Transfer Credit Request for each course.

Before requesting a transfer of credits, please ensure you fulfill the following criteria:

  • You earned a B or higher in the class
  • The class was taken in the last five years
  • The class was not applied toward a completed degree
  • 70% of your coursework is still being completed at SPH

Please see the SPH Academic Policies for more information.

Course Waiver or Substitution

To receive a course waiver or to substitute a previously taken course for a course at SPH, you should fill out a Waiver or Substitution Request. If you are requesting a substitution, you must upload a syllabus for the substitute course via the provided link.

Please note that an approved course waiver or substitution only waives you from the requirement to take that one course, not from the required number of credits to graduate. Students who wish to transfer credits should fill out a Transfer Credit Request.

Change of Concentration

Before requesting a change in concentration, you should first speak with an advisor and the Department Chair to ensure that this change aligns with your academic and professional goals. To request a change in concentration, you should fill out this form.

Apply for Graduation

Students who are ready to graduate should complete the following steps:

Graduation applications will be processed and audited after the filing date. Students will be contacted via email to their institutional email account if there are any problems.

Only one commencement ceremony is held each year in June. All students who have applied for or earned a degree or certificate for that academic year will receive commencement information via email.

The application deadline for Fall 2017 is October 5th.

Please contact the SPH Registrar or an academic advisor with any questions regarding your graduation application.